Voici deux textes écrits par les 4èmes H dans le cadre du cours d'anglais :


On saturday my dog ate my homework

and on sunday my mom cooked it in the wok

A mermaid swiped it

then my fan cut it

My PC deleted my work

It was crashed by a pork

My dad used it to turn on the fire

And he didn’t admit it, what a good liar !

My sister stabbed it with a pen

My little cousin used it to eat fried chicken

My brother threw it in the pool

I forgot it when I went to school

So I’m sorry

but I’ll give it tomorrow, don't worry !

Being Late

I’m late because my car was too slow

so I had to jump over the window

My alarm clock didn’t ring

then I had tea with the king

Someone attached me on my bed

then I found my favorite pet dead

In the morning I ate too spicy

When I left home a psychopath kidnapped me

Me and my bestfriend are late

because we were on a date.