Voici deux exemples de lettre d'excuses d'élèves de 4ème qui n'ont pas pu faire leurs devoirs...

I didn't do my homework

On Monday, I didn't do my homework

But I have a good reason !!

So Sunday, I started my homework

But my dad said I had to mow the lawn of the whole city!

I did that, and I returned to my desk.

But my mom said I had to vacuum the sky

And bring back the good weather...

I did that too !

But my parents went to a secret meeting,

So, I had to look after our dragon.

And I couldn't still do my homework ,

Because I couldn't leave him alone !

When my parents got home,

I thought I could do my homework at last,

But we ate, and then,

I was so exhausted, I didn't have time to do it...

So, if I didn't do my homework,

It's my parent's fault !

Sorry I don't have my homework

My cat stole my homework

He liked it

I didn't see it because I was listening to Rock music

He gave it to my rabbit

My rabbit hid my homework

He didn't ate it because he prefers drug

He was late for work

So he gave it to my dog

My dog ate my homework

He was hungry

He left to New York City

He ate my homework because he didn't want me to study.